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Dolphin Fascination

Dolphins fascinate like no other animal. They are highly intelligent, have an ego-consciousness, emotions and empathy.
However, the global population is continuously declining due to bycatch in fishing nets, overfishing, hunting, tourism, dolphinariums, underwater noise, marine pollution and ship collisions.
Our goal is to raise awareness of dolphins through research, conservation and education in order to protect them and their habitat and save them from extinction.

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The three pillars of our work


We research dolphins to learn more about their behaviour and, based on this, developing effective protection concepts.

Dissemination of research results to the public for a better understanding of dolphins.


We enforce guidelines for the protection of dolphins and their marine habitat in the Red Sea.

We also establish protection measures that can be introduced in other locations.



Training people who work in wildlife tourism to treat nature with respect.

Education in kindergartens, schools, universities etc. to inspire a better understanding and respect of sea life and to enlighten future generations on the topic.


Making a difference, together

The Dolphin Watch Alliance is a non-profit organisation that supports international projects for the research and protection of wild dolphins. The association was founded out of enthusiasm for these animals and the will to actively contribute to their protection.

Thus, our association name means nothing else than that we want to observe dolphins together and take care of them. Our intention is to provide comprehensive information about dolphins in addition to research. In this way, we also propose suitable guidelines to the government that contribute to the protection of the animals.

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There are many ways to help the dolphins and support us. We work mainly with volunteers and rely on donations, which we use specifically for our projects. We deliberately keep our administrative apparatus small so that all the money goes to our projects.

We only support projects whose staff are known to us personally. In this way, we receive valuable background information and can rely on the correct use of the funds. Our work has a lot to do with personal passion and dedication.

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