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About us

Through our initiatives in research, protection, and education, we strive to foster sustainable change in marine wildlife tourism. Our goal is to facilitate regulated and respectful interactions between humans and animals in their natural habitats, considering the interests of all stakeholders.

We advance dolphin understanding through research and environmental education, collaborating with national and international organizations. Additionally, we actively engage in dialogue with local decision-makers in politics, business, and the community.



Thanks to the data and observations collected by biologist Angela Ziltener and the SWDF team over the past few years, our local protection organization, HEPCA, and the community have learned a lot about the dolphins' ecology. This knowledge paved the way for creating the first protection zone for the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin in the Hurghada region, and we had the valuable support of the Red Sea Governor.

Red Sea Dolphin Project


Foundation of the Care for Dolphins project in Hurghada.


Angela Ziltener and Sina Kreiker showcased their research on “Selective self-rubbing behavior in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins off Hurghada, Northern Red Sea, Egypt” at the 21st Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals in San Francisco.


Hannes Jaenicke collaborated on film recordings for the ZDF series “In Action for Dolphins”. Additionally, Care for Dolphin and the National Parks Egypt, accompanied by the Red Sea Governor, organized a joint excursion to highlight the present condition of dolphins and proposed protection zones in Shaab el Erg and Shaab El Fanous.


The initial buoys for the protection zones at Shaab El Erg and Fanous are successfully installed!

Working closely with HEPCA and the national park, we actively participate in joint inspection trips with park rangers. Our workshops on responsible dolphin tourism play a crucial role in educating captains and guides, providing valuable information for sustainable practices.


We collaborate with the BBC.

Our collaboration with the BBC on “Our Blue Planet” premiered at the London IMAX cinema in September 2018 and remains a captivating show to this day. The film highlights the wonders of the sea, featuring the Red Sea dolphins, including our stars Sefa, Dandy, Daniel, and Juna. We're proud of this success and thankful to everyone involved.

To the BBC article


CNN - Egypt Destination.

CNN highlighted El Gouna, Egypt, as a model for responsible dolphin tourism. Education is key to preserving the Red Sea's treasures. It's crucial for tourism entities to follow codes of conduct, minimizing impact. Filming occurred on the boat “Amelie”.

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First for the environment!

We're thrilled that our President, Angela Ziltener, was awarded first place with the environmental prize, the “Trophée de femmes”, presented by the Yves Rocher Foundation.

“This award is a great honor for me personally and it represents my entire team. So we're really happy about it! It shows us clearly that we are on the right path and should never give up. We see it as a great recognition for our hard, years-long work in Egypt to protect the dolphins, which we always accompany with a lot of idealism and enthusiasm. Many thanks to everyone who supports the dolphins and nature!”

Yves Rocher Foundation 

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We reintroduced the Code of Conduct in El Gouna by placing billboards across the area in collaboration with partners. These informative displays aim to educate both locals and tourists. Additionally, hotels feature flyers with details about the Code of Conduct and guidelines for swimming with dolphins.