SRF Einstein - Delfine: Anmutig, intelligent und gefährdet (available only in German)
The Corona Comeback of Egypt’s Dolphins

A short film by Maarten Van Rouveroy, a supporter of our team in El Gouna, Red Sea. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins find respite from tourism disturbance in typically popular "swimming with dolphin" areas. These locations, crucial for the dolphins' sleep, rest, and socialization, offer scientists valuable insights into the impact of tourism on their daily lives.

El Gouna TV - Care for dolphins
Research and conservation of indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops Aduncus) off Hurghada, Northern Red Sea, Egypt
Dolphins too close – suffering for the sake of tourism in Hurghada, Egypt
Insight into the work of the Terra Mater team and Dolphin Watch Alliance in the production of the documentary “The Reef of the Sleeping Dolphins”.
Dolphin Watch natural underwater science
The new Red Sea Code of Conduct for Dolphin Encounters
Richtlinien für Delfinbegegnungen