Angela Ziltener

MSc Biology/Anthropology UZH

Marcus Gisi

MCTS-IT/Anthropology UZH

Dr. Pierre Gallego

Specialist in Marine Mammal Medicine
Committee Member

Stefan Specht

Committee Member

Scientific staff

Dr. rer. nat. Sonja Kleinertz

Specialist in Marine Parasitology and Ecology

Dr. Dara Orbach

Ph.D. Marine Biologist

Gemma Veneruso

PhD. candidate Marine Biology Bangor University, UK

Dr. Andrew Wright

Ph.D. Marine Biologist

Marc Frei

MSc Biology/Animal Behaviour

Kirsty Medcalf

MSc Marine and Fisheries Ecology

Communication / Social Media

Chelsea Gurr

Theres Kummer

Sara Hanning Nour