We are very proud to announce the first streaming of the first streaming of the movie "Dolphin Reef" and the making of "diving with dolphins" now on #DisneyPlus channel.
Dolphin Watch Alliance was involved in the making of the movie in the Egyptian Red Sea with the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins who are the "superstars" - thank you all who made it happen and special thanks to the amazing team at this time !!

Don't miss these two movies and take the chance to "dive" into two completely different wonderful worlds! Our team wishes you a lot of strength, trust and especially good health for the current deeply moved time - stay safe !!

Dolphin Watch Alliances Angela Ziltener during the work at the making of for the DisneyPlus movie "diving with dolphins".

Image: By courtesy of Helen Sampson

Vorherige Referenz
Vorherige Referenz