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Research of animals and their environment Our goals

The Red Sea is one of the most biodiverse places on earth and offers a breathtaking environment for our research. The researchers at the Dolphin Watch Alliance have set themselves the goal of learning more about the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that live here, as this species of dolphin in particular has become a popular tourist attraction. Very little is still known about these marine mammals.

It is important to learn more about the animals, their behavior, their biology and the abundance of their species in order to better protect them and their habitat.

our unique research How we conduct

We conduct research both above and below water, which gives us the opportunity to observe the animals over a longer period of time. This unique combination enables us to achieve meaningful research results and thus contribute to the protection of animals. In order not to disturb the animals during the research work, we first observe them from a distance. If the situation allows it, we get closer to the animals.
All activities and projects of the Dolphin Watch Alliance are based on these years of observations. Newly gained knowledge flows directly into our own projects and is also shared with the Egyptian authorities, decision-makers from the tourism industry, science, as well as with the local population and tourists.
Through our development of biological knowledge, effective protection concepts can be developed and shared.

Photo identification

Identifying individuals within a dolphin population is fundamental to the study of behavior, ecology, and lifestyle. To monitor the presence of individual dolphins around Hurghada, we use photo identification.

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Our research projects

In recent years, the Dolphin Watch Alliance has been able to gain important insights into the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin and its conspecifics in the Red Sea through a variety of research projects.