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Help us! Together we will succeed.

We work mainly on a voluntary basis and rely on donations, which we use specifically for our projects. We deliberately keep our administrative apparatus small so that all of the money goes to our projects.

How can I help?

With your support, you will help us to continue our research and, as a result, protect dolphins and their environment.
Any support, whether small or large, is warmly welcomed. Every donation will be used to protect the dolphins.


Your financial support will contribute to increase our knowledge of the dolphins, plus help to generate a foundation for their effective protection.

Small or large, your contribution is very welcome and will be directed towards the protection of the dolphins.

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Juna is about 10 years old and, just like Laura, has not yet given birth to her first calf. Juna has a small nick in her dorsal fin (in the middle) and since a few months ago, a little nick can be seen at the top of her dorsal fin too.


Dandy is a female of about 12 years of age. She can easily be identified by the triangular “notch” in her dorsal fin and the large piece missing from her dorsal fin. She is very inquisitive, playful and seeks contact with people alarmingly often.


In mid July of 2016, Dandy gave birth to little Daniel: her first calf! Daniel is now over a year old and is already very playful and inquisitive – just like his mother. He spends a lot of time with swimmers instead of sleeping, which is a shame, as sleep is very important – especially for young dolphins.


Sefa, a young bullock, is approximately 11 years old. It is not yet clear who he will choose as his “best buddy”: he changes his friends frequently and can often be seen with the other young males Kiri, Lino and Rani. Who will Sefa chose?

Sponsorships Adopt a dolphin

When you adopt a dolphin, you help us to continue our research and protection of the dolphins of the Red Sea.

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Legacies and inheritances Long live your love of the ocean

Have you always admired dolphins, whales, the ocean? Life in our oceans is fascinating and mysterious; a treasure on our planet that we can protect together. In addition to protecting family members, you might consider the long-term preservation of biodiversity and the protection of nature, far beyond your own life.

By including Dolphin Watch Alliance in your will, you can make a lasting commitment to the long-term protection and preservation of marine mammals and their habitat. If you have any questions, would like a personal conversation, or have other concerns, we are happy to help you at any time.

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Other options for support

In addition to a monetary donation or sponsorship, there are many ways to support us. Sharing important information and educating friends and acquaintances, fundraising campaigns, or a donation in kind are just a few other examples that help us a lot.

Share information

Together, let's give the dolphins of the Red Sea their quality of life back. Share information on-and-offline to spread the word. The more people learn about responsible dolphin tourism in the Red Sea, the faster we can make a difference together.

In our 'Code of Conduct' you will find concrete rules specifically made to protect dolphins and treat them with respect. This can be downloaded in our information material.

Book responsibly

Only book with responsible tour providers who have the knowledge and provide education about the biology of animals and support species conservation. Remember, reputable providers will not promise you a guarantee of seeing dolphins: this can never be promised with truly wild animals.

Thank you for your support.


Do you want to start a fundraising campaign?
Whether baking, running or writing a song for the dolphins, every activity is welcome.

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Donations in kind

We welcome any support, and with donations in kind you can actively support us in our daily research work. From ink cartridges to a diving regulator, anything is welcome. Feel free to contact us.

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Representing the dolphins Supporting as a partner

We would be delighted to have you as an official partner and supporter of the Dolphin Watch Alliance.
For further information, please contact us directly.

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