University of Zurich, Department of Athropology
TU Berlin, Campus El Gouna

Still very little is known about the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) in the Egyptian Red Sea. DWRP aims to understand more about the biology of this highly intelligent animal in order to support its long-term conservation and sustainable fruition.

In cooperation with scientists from different universities and dolphin conservation organizations we focus on the following research objectives:

  • Describe the population size, abundance and distribution of the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and identify seasonal residency patterns
  • Locate critical habitats for particular behavioural activities such as calving, resting and foraging
  • Identify prey items and feeding status
  • Identify behavioural specialization techniques in different contexts (foraging, social, play)
  • Investigate social behaviour, group- and population structure
  • Assess health status
  • Document environmental and anthropogenic influences

Study site:

Karte Forschungsgebiet

Fig.1. Study site ranges from Gobal Islands to Abu Hashish (Source: GoogleEarth)

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